Minutes of the Delegates Meeting of
Saturday, September 8th, 2001
Groups in attendance

10:00 A.M. - Bob C., serving as Acting Chairperson, opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

Having met, and exceeded, the required number of Group Representatives and Intergroup Officers in attendance, elections were held.

The following persons were nominated and elected to the position indicated:

Vice Chairperson - Elizabeth M.
Vice Treasurer - Bob C.
Institutions and Service Chairperson - Dick H.
Meeting Book Chairperson - Hank G.
Newsletter Chairperson - Al D.

There were no nominations for Chairperson / Night Phone Coordinator. In response to a question from the floor, Frank R. outlined the duties and responsibilities of the Night Phone Coordinator. This still did not garner any nominations.

The vacant position of Literature Chairperson will be filled by appointment.

Commenced with presentation of reports by Officers present:

The Treasurers - report through August was circulated by D.J. who reviewed it for the Membership. There were no questions asked and clarification was not needed.

Frank R. - reported on matters concerning the running of the Intergroup Office. He indicated that the November and December Holidays Shareathons will be held at the Intergroup Office. The availability of the office had been in question due to plans being considered, by the landlord, to alter the building. There was discussion of the procedures for submitting donations for the Shareathon, as a result of a question from the floor. The membership was reminded that volunteers are always needed to handle the Office phones.

The Secretary's Report - for the previous meeting was unavailable. Greg F. provided the temporary URL of the Queens Intergroup Web site and indicated that the site should be accessible shortly from Queens Intergroup’s Domain name - www.Queensaa.org. The policies of the server (Hostways.com) were outlined to the membership as well as the cost of the service- $8.95 a month. The membership was informed that the server excludes pornography and page re-directs.

Chris, our Day Phone Coordinator, outlined the need for volunteers to answer the Hot Line. In response to questions from the floor he clarified the hours of the shifts that volunteers serve, and the manner in which they may serve (call-forwarding). Frank R. provided information about Queens Intergroup’s Voice Mail.

From the floor Mindy asked for clarification of Queens Intergroup's desire to have an E-Mail Contact Person within each group.   Explanation given by Frank R.

10:38 - Motion to adjourn / seconded / accepted.
Adjourned with the closing prayer.
Saturday, September 8th, 2001
The unity and commitment of Queens A.A. was demonstrated once again,
by the attendance of the Group Representatives, of the these groups:

Bayside - Bayside Hills, Hardheads, North Queens
Bellerose - Bellerose Hope, The Dumping Ground, The Dumping Ground Nites
Flushing - Booth Group, Church On The Hill, Flushing Splinter, Sanford, Utopia
Forest Hills - Gardens Group of Forest Hills, Women's Room
Glendale - Glendale Group
 Jamaica North - St. Nick's
Oakland Gardens - Oakland Gardens
Rego Park - Lighthouse Group
Richmond Hill - Rich Haven Splinter
South Jamaica - South Jamaica Group
South Ozone Park - South Ozone Park
Whitestone - Whitestone Group
Woodhaven - Pathway to Freedom
Queens County General Services