For the 2002 Sharathon!

To the 53 Groups who had commitments at the Sharathon!
And to those groups who were willing to participate but couldn't get a commitment.

To all the volunteers who helped set up, clean up and keep the Sharathon running --
we always had more people than mops!! -- and for all the cookies, cakes and goodies.

To the 98 Groups and 360 AA members who added their names to the QIAA 12 Step List!

To the 5580 AA members who attended meetings at the Sharathon!

For the basket contributions during the Sharathon for QIAA expenses throughout the year and
to those Groups who made special Sharathon contributions to help defray Sharathon rent expenses!

To Our Savior Lutheran School for their community spirit in allowing us to use their facility.
And to The Lighthouse and Forest Hills Survivor Groups
(who normally meet at the School) for their cooperation and help!

For suggesting that next year's Sharathon committments be adjusted to allow more groups to participate.

SEE YOU ALL IN 2003!!!!

January 2003
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