May 2003

Twelve years ago this September, Queens Intergroup began.

Our first "office" was a Post Office Box in Fresh Meadows but within a few months we established ourselves in a real office -- of sorts!... in Bellerose. Someone once described it as a sober broom closet. This first office was so small we had to borrow an adjacent room to hold our Steering Committee meetings.

In 1992 in this borrowed room, the first QIAA Steering Committee wrote the Queens Intergroup Declaration of Purpose. (The Declaration has appeared in all our Meeting Books since then - Page 29 in the current book. It is reprinted on the reverse of this newsletter.)

When we have a question as to the direction Intergroup is taking, we refer to the Declaration. It's our bottom line.

We at Intergroup feel we are holding that line.

But in some respects an Intergroup is like an AA Group: Both require money and people to operate. We know a lot of groups are feeling financial and membership pain -- so are we . All we can ask is that your Group examine its Group Conscience as to its donation and service policy.

As for human resources - like your own home group we always need volunteers. There are 220 Groups in Queens and thousands of AA members. We need at least forty-two volunteers for the Hot Line. There are presently only thirty-two!.....Remember at Queens Intergroup a sober alcoholic volunteer answers the phones round the clock, 24/7.

Whether you donate money or time to us - or not -- it's your Intergroup.

We need your support.

Call our voice mail at 917-875-9336. An Intergroup officer will respond promptly. If your Group wishes, QIAA Officers can attend one of your business meetings to answer any questions.

Your Queens Intergroup

Page 2
Declaration of Purpose
Queens Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization formed to serve all A.A. groups in Queens County whether they contribute to its support or not.

In order to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the still suffering alcoholic and to those of us in recovery, Q.I.A.A. -- in accordance with A.A.'s Twelve Traditions and Concepts of Service -- has as its primary purpose:

• Telephone inquiries are to be answered by a recovering alcoholic. The Q.I.A.A. number will be listed in the Queens telephone directory. Meeting information and 12 step referrals will be made from lists obtained from all Queens area groups and maintained up-to-date. It is the first priority of Q.I.A.A. to establish "live" 24 hour phone response, and to provide participating groups with an "overnight" book.

• A program exchange meeting and Intergroup Delegates meeting will be held in Queens for each quarter at which groups may exchange meetings with other groups and participate in Q.I.A.A. affairs.

• Publish and distribute up-to-date lists of group meetings in Queens at regular intervals. Arrange for receipt and distribution of information about A.A. group events, e.g., group anniversaries, dinners, conventions, in Queens County.

• Establishment of appropriate committees under SENY guidelines including Institution & Treatment Facilities, Public Information, and Cooperation with Professional Community committees.

• Publication of a periodic newsletter.

Queens Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous is supported by contributions from the groups. It conducts a monthly business meeting.

Yours in love and service,
Queens Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

May 2003
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