March 2005
The success of these Sharathons cannot be measured in numbers alone. Who knows how many alcoholics who might have picked up a drink didn't because you were there to support the meetings. But the numbers do tell a story: 6,521 of you, each with your own story, came out to Our Savior Lutheran School in support of the 319 meetings held during the Holiday and Thanksgiving Sharathons! (2,275 during Thanksgiving and 4,246 during the Holiday week.)
A total of 54 groups had commitments and every group kept its commitment. Over the past three years at Our Savior Lutheran School, 162 groups kept commitments. (One group was snowed in during the Christmas Eve blizzard of 2002 but they did make it three hours late. Now that's commitment!)
One of the ways that Queens Intergroup is able to help alcoholics who call our 24-hour number is through the 12 Step List. The List is a roster of AA members who volunteer to make 12 Step calls when an alcoholic needs someone to take them to a meeting, hospital or detox. During the Sharathon, 400 people from 120 groups signed up for the 12 Step List! If you missed the opportunity to sign up during the Sharathon and would like to volunteer for this type of service, please call us or send an e-mail:
A hearty thanks goes out to the following: Our Savior Lutheran Church and School for the use of their facilities; the Lighthouse and Forest Hills Survivors(II) groups, who normally meet at the school, for their cooperation; and, last but not least, to every volunteer, no matter what you did or what time slot you served in. We could not have done this without you!
Group donations, Sharathon collections and meeting book sales (our three sources of income) were steady compared to 2003 but 2004 Literature expenses for Institutions increased $1,946 over 2003, giving us a deficit of $1,193.72. We've made some economies in our monthly expenses which—everything else remaining stable—should enable us to operate on a reasonable financial level during 2005. "Stable" translates as Queens groups continuing to support us. The year end QIAA Financial Report is on the reverse side of this Newsletter.
The bottom line is that on a total income of $25,257, QIAA and the Queens Area Groups were able to accomplish the following in 2004: Maintain an office, a lively Web site and a 24/7 phone operation; run 15 days of round-the-clock holiday meetings; hold our first Gratitude Day; run four exchange meetings; donate $2,651 worth of literature to Institutions; and provide Queens Area Groups with 20,000 affordable pocket-sized meeting books as well as an up-to-date meeting book on the Web site.
Chairperson:Peter C. 11/05,   Vice Chair: John R. (11/05)
Treasurer: Richard P. 11/05,   Vice Treasurer: Bob C. 11/05)
Secretary: Laura G. 11/06,   Office Mgr: Frank R. 11/06
Liaison Chair: Manny A. New office-2005
Meeting Book: Hank G. / John F. 11/05
Newsletter: Al D. / Gene C. 11/05
Webmaster: Greg F. / Richard S.11/07
Institutions: Dick H. 11/05 – Position needs to be filled.
Open Mind
: Presbyterian Church - Magill Hall-89-60 164th St.
North Jamaica. Sun: 1:45pm & 3:00pm
Safe Harbor: All Saints Lutheran - 164th St. & Goethals Ave.
North Jamaica. Tues/Thurs: 7:00pm
It?s a New Day: Congregational Church - 146-09 116th Ave.
Ozone Park. Tues/Fri: 7:00pm
New Freedom: Baptist School - 133-09 120th Ave.
Ozone Park. Thurs: 7:00pm
Freedom from Bondage: St. Stanislaus - 88-10 102nd Ave.
Ozone Park. Tues: 7:30pm
Newcomers Welcome: Christ the King Ctr. - 145-02 Farmers
Blvd. Springfield Gardens. Sat: 1:00pm
Living Sober: St. Thomas Apostle Parish House - 87-04 88th
Ave. Woodhaven. Thurs: 7:30pm MEN
March 2005
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